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Week 1 – A new day, a new challenge

So, I’m back!  This is because I signed up to a new challenge as a part of Cambridge Bootcamps and I’ve just completed my first week!

The challenge is the 5×50 challenge (Twitter #5x50TeamCBC), where you have to run, jog, cycle or swim at least 5km for 50 consecutive days!  I know, right?! Me?  For those that don’t know; I’m a crap runner… I’m not fishing for compliments here – I really am shocking!  Between my asthma and under-active thyroid and of course, subsequent excess weight, I normally get about 50m up the road before I’m wheezing like a 60-a-day smoker and panting like an excitable Cocker Spaniel. It’s frustrating, because my mind wants to do it – my mind gets me up, gets me kitted out and gets me outside and ready – but my body just doesn’t respond.  Time is also a factor – finding an extra hour in the day to take on the challenge, has in itself, been a massive hurdle.  However, so far I am playing the system, doing more on some days, so that I can do less on others in the hope that I will balance things out physically and from a time management perspective, which seems to work better for me; but I AM lagging and I just hope that if I keep pushing it will make me stronger.

On the plus side, I can’t deny that the opportunity to get outside everyday to clear a full noggin has been somewhat therapeutic, as I’m currently surrounded with people that I adore who are struggling with health problems and I don’t know how best to help 😦  Like anything, I think you just make yourself present or readily available to the people you love so that you can be ready to carry the weight when they need it but sometimes that doesn’t feel pro-active enough and I battle with myself daily, hoping that’s the right choice.

From a running point of view?  I’ll just keep on keeping on and hopefully one day, I’ll make it past the driveway without needing St John’s on stand-by… 🙂 x

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