Bear's Bootcamp vs Life…

Fun & fitness (& other words I never thought would go together…)

Hoping to bounce back with a new challenge…

on 18 June 2013

There’s nothing like a new challenge to perk up those spirits, which is a lot healthier than a usual run down the bottle of err, spirits, to perk up my, umm, spirits!

This year’s GCC (Global Corporate Challenge – has come just in time for me, as if I’m honest (and this is the place where I’m at my most frank); this past year has been an enormous struggle. Without trying to sound too sickeningly preachy, I’ve found out quite a lot about myself, my innermost ‘demons’ and my triggers for weight gain.

Before you make jokes about “that’ll be the food…”; it’s not always over-eating that makes us pile on the pounds. People automatically assume that if you’re overweight, that you’ve probably been eating a fry-up covered in Snickers and ice cream for breakfast every morning, washed down with 12 litres of coke. However, it can be a combination of not eating enough to kick-start your metabolism and then snacking on the wrong things – which I’ve found is something I do when I’m upset/emotional and what’s worse is, I don’t even know I’m doing it. It’s like someone that bites their nails – I just reach for something sugary automatically, which then baits me like an addiction until I can get myself back on my feet. It doesn’t help of course, that I have an under-active thyroid, so putting on weight is uber easy for me – losing it however…

Unfortunately, last year was a very emotional roller-coaster for me, with the potential loss of 2 very important people in my life and it certainly took its toll. Then a new job on top of the two I was already doing, brought a break in a healthy eating routine at entirely the wrong time. Before I had any control; I was spiralling down a road I really don’t like to travel and the result was one very unhappy, well-rounded, not hopping quite-so-high bunny…

My ego was already at a very low ebb but just to twist the knife, I recently went home to visit my family and my mother, who has always been my harshest (and I do mean HARSHEST) critic, decided to tell me she thought I was fat. She of course, did it in her own special way of patting my stomach and saying “crikey, someone’s been feeding well” *cue fake sitcom laughs*. Only I wasn’t laughing. I instead pointed out to her that this was a particularly “shitty” thing to say to someone and she responded “I thought you’d prefer I say it to your face”. Actually mother, NO, I wouldn’t! I wonder why we’ve never been close? It’s a mystery…

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been really trying to look up and really trying to focus on getting back to good health. I’ve consulted an asthma/allergy nurse, who gave me some great tips on fitness, I threw out all the crap that had started to creep back in to my cupboards, I’ve been working hard on re-decorating my apartment to keep me up and about most of the time and I’ve been notching up quite a few steps on my new GCC challenge through work. I’m taking the week off from bootcamp this week to straighten myself out mentally and get some much needed sleep and hopefully, I’ll be back next week with an energetic new lease of life. I’ve decided I’m going to ignore the haters (yes, that mainly covers the relatives!), avoid the negative people like the plague and make things work for ME again šŸ™‚


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