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Week 11 2012

on 18 March 2012

Week 11

11h-18th March 2012

Weight:    10st 3lbs

Status:     2 weeks to go…

Mood:      Just let me rest my little eyes for a second…

I’m now close enough to that end date, to actually start dreading it a little bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to open that nice bottle of Malbec I’ve had sitting on my wine rack for the last month but I’m worried now how the alcohol will affect me.  Will I have one or two glasses and say “How smashingly lovely that was…” (because in my mind, I speak like I’m actually really posh) or will I have 2 bottles and not be able to speak at all…?  If I hadn’t done this in the past, I might not be so apprehensive but the last couple of years detoxing, when the date came to start popping those corks, I attacked the demon drink like the Cookie Monster on weed and needless to say, didn’t feel very well afterwards…

Those little fears aside, I feel good.  Absolutely knackered, but good.  I’ve been so tired lately that I’m writing this with my head pressed against the screen with only my occasional drool on to my own hand keeping me awake…  I’m tired through work and some residual aggression from the emotional blackmail that families do so well, and I dared to think the other day what I would feel like if I wasn’t abstaining at the moment – the very thought terrified me so much I thought I might have to go skinny dipping in the River Ouse and run round the town drying off, just to remove the element from my brain – Did I do it?  Well, if the rozzers ask, you ain’t seen me, ok?!

I also felt the wonders of searching through the SMART women group this morning for a work-out to turn some of that aggression in to a positive.  Even when I’ve been feeling as tired as I have; the Bootcamps always help turn my mood around and pick me up for the day and so this morning, I turned to the marvel of the internet and the shared work-outs – what a god send!  Well, maybe not for my neighbours, who are probably writing to complain as we speak about the yelling and loud elephant-esque noises emanating from my apartment…

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