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Week 10 2012

on 11 March 2012

Week 10 

4h-10th March 2012

Weight:    10st 3lbs

Status:     The Final Countdown!

Mood:      Pretty darn good!

“I guess there is no-one to blame, we’re leaving ground, will things ever be the same again? [drums] It’s the Final Countdown!”  Okay, so how many of you actually sang along?  I might have even thrown in a fist pump into the air at the end… however, I’m neither confirming nor denying my actions…

10 weeks!  I think people have served shorter sentences but I’m nearly there – I’m sooo close I can taste it!  You know what else I can taste? Sugar.  My sugar cravings are another little result of my thyroid problems but are consistently heightened whenever I abstain from the sauce and this week, my sweet tooth has been rife.  Plus, I had the embarrassment of admitting to Charlie that I hadn’t been following the nutritional plan that can clearly help manage these cravings.  I trust my fearless booty leader with my life as after 2yrs under Cambridge Bootcamps; I’ve never been given bad advice.  Unfortunately for me, it’s all the bad advice I had prior to booty that has somewhat tainted me & I need to move past that.  I think we all know that working with our booty plans has been an eye-opener with all the things we have been led to believe were good for us, ie. sweeteners in place of sugar or skimmed milk instead of whole (see, I was listening Charlie!), that our entire way of thinking has been conditioned by some very clever marketers in the financial gargantuan that is the slimming industry. My problem is that I’m also allergic to garlic and bell peppers which means I’m very limited on a lot of foods anyway, so it’s even harder to cut out the ones I like or can eat because it makes things a tad bland (You know, it’s that thought of walking into a nice restaurant and ordering 2 boiled potatoes or a plate of steamed broccoli).  However, I have promised to do better in the arena of cutting out sugars and I do actually mean it, because I want to stop craving what’s bad for me and naturally gain my energy without relying on the dreaded sugars and caffeine’s of the world (or the old quick fix of 20 cans of Redbull and a sherbet dip-dab).

From a fitness point of view, I didn’t do great at booty this week as I feel generally run down from all the hours I’ve been clocking up, but the thought that I’m almost at the end of my challenge combined with the sun shining at booty for our merry band of specials; my spirits have been happily raised.  As well as the extra Vitamin C I’m getting with all my fruit; I do tend to function better when that sun kicks out its lovely Vitamin D and when I’m surrounded by people that make me laugh, like the booty girls – are there better medicines than those in the world?  Well, maybe Lithium, but it’s a close-knit race ladies! :0) x

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