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Week 8 2012

on 26 February 2012

Week 8
19th – 25th February 2012

Weight:    10st 4lbs

Status:     56 days & counting – I thank you!

Mood:      yes, I’m still counting…

Ok, so a wee weight plateau at the moment but that might have something to do with the fact that I managed to display the culinary skills of a 4 year old this week.  I’ve been ridiculously busy working 12-14hr days, not stopping to get in a ‘big shop’ or make a proper dinner; so it really has been an interesting case of what’s in the cupboard… and apparently, that wasn’t a lot!

So after chewing on a dry crackerbread and sucking on an oxo cube, my body has clearly rebelled this week, and quite rightly so!

Despite my dietary lapse over the last 8 or so days or that I’m tired from the hours I’ve been chucking in and my tough dry weekend excursion back to my drinking homeland where I had to be fun ‘auntie Hayley’ as the kids trampolined all over me; it’s not put a dampener on my spirits as I’m still feeling pretty good about how far I’ve come.  56 days is a long, long, long, did I say long? long, LONG time but I’ve managed to avoid the seductive sauce!  I’ve dined with friends with whom I normally share a tipple (or to be honest, usually more of a ‘topple’) with, I’ve attended family gatherings and even a hoe down, but I have managed to remain totally sober.  Not that I was an alcoholic before, you understand, but I do feel like I deserve some kind of sobriety chip for what has felt like a monumental effort!

It has definitely paid off though, as next week I have a bit of a do and I can fit into my nice new dress.  Ok, so it needs some spanx, a giant shoe horn and a lack of breathing throughout the night on my part to fit into it, but I’ll take the win…


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