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Week 7 2012

on 18 February 2012

Week 7

12th – 18th February 2012

Weight:    10st 4lbs

Status:     Half Way!!!

Mood:      Upbeat: Did I mention; it’s Half Way!!!

Jeans.  That’s all I need to say – jeans – and all the ladies reading this will know that it’s one of the hardest things in the world to buy. So many different sizes, dependent on brand, density and shape, that buying a simple pair of jeans is like climbing some bloody big mountain somewhere where there’s a range of bloody big mountains.  In the spirit of all things self-flagellating, this week I bought a pair of jeans.  Why am I harping on about jeans?  Because this pair is the size I once wore 7 years ago… chuffed?  I think so!  Ok, so for all those reasons above, it may not have been a true size, but I’m taking the victory and I’m running with it… I’m falling over because I wasn’t looking where I was going… and I’m up again and running with it!

My little jeans adventure and keeping up to date with the three booty girls that are currently undergoing the nutritional challenge and the amazing and inspiring progress that they have made; has had me really thinking about size and, in turn weight, this week.  One of the things that I’ve loved about Bootcamp is the simple lesson that it taught me about losing weight.  Before I joined I was so obsessed by it that I would weigh myself every day; you know hoping that the fat fairy would come in the night and take away half my body weight or she would just give-in and replace it with a newer model.  It was a while after joining before I realised when I was cleaning one day that my scales had started to gather dust…  I’d stopped obsessing about why I’d put a pound on here or not lost any there and started focussing on how I felt.  I’m currently weighing myself once a week, purely for this challenge of not drinking, as seeing the number lessen does help as a motivational tool but I can’t believe now that I used to be so weight-absorbed because that’s a battle you will never ever win.  It’s not about tipping the scales, it’s about getting to know the body you have and starting to treat it better and when your breathing becomes less laboured, your step acquires a spring and your shape starts to change to reveal all those lovely curves you used to have; that’s when you know you’re winning.  I know girls who have lost ‘weight’ through unhealthy fad diets of basically not eating by sucking on a grape for two days and their shape is weird, their frame is weak, their colouring is grey and their fitness is non-existent.  So, here’s to the body you deserve for the work you put in and two fingers up to the fat fairy I say!

< Although I won’t be throwing my scales at her just yet, as I need them to inspire some even more offensive comments towards the alcohol fairy :0) >


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