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Fun & fitness (& other words I never thought would go together…)

Week 6 2012

on 11 February 2012

Week 6

5th – 11th February 2012

Weight:    10st 4lbs

Status:     Why isn’t it half way yet?

Mood:      WHY isn’t it half way yet??!!

Rather bizarrely, I still want a drink. By this time last year, I was well and truly past any cravings and I think that my continued pining is more to do with the extra long time-frame I set myself, knowing that I’m not even half way yet… damn!

The thing that’s keeping me going is those measurements from last week.  They had me wondering if I got them wrong and I was that big to start with but I’ve been digging out photographs from a couple of years ago and I can’t believe the difference.  It’s flooded my usually empty brain with memories of all the parts I was desperately unhappy with and now I remember that I used to have extra pockets everywhere even when I wasn’t wearing clothes.  I could have started a lucrative business smuggling electric cars in my back fat and a few small immigrants behind my knees and now I’m feeling somewhat streamlined… and obviously in need of another money making scheme!

My focus is well and truly back and my brain is buzzing with ideas and it’s been like a scene from ‘A Beautiful Mind’, making me write into the wee hours of the morning again.  It might be because I’ve missed booty this week, which I’m not too chuffed about thanks to the snow so I’ve nowhere to channel the energy.  Also, I know that next week is a week off, so I’m forfeiting 2 whole weeks of my much needed booty.  Will I go crazy in the interim? I’m not ruling it out :0)


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