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Week 4 2012

Week 4

22nd – 28th January 2012

Weight:    10st 6lbs

Status:     God, I need a drink…

Mood:      Inquisitive – Is there alcohol in paint thinner?

Last year, one of my toughest test’s was heading back to my home town to see old friends and family, where it’s like a scene from ‘Cheers’ where everybody knows your name, and its generally the people hanging out in the pub…  Did I face up to this challenge this year?  Hell no, I ran in the other direction and avoided everyone like the plague.  What a hero!

Normally, my yellow belly would bother me, but I must admit I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would.  Do I miss my friends and family?  Sure.  However, my need to stay on the sober path without all those pesky drink-related and fatty food enticements has to be my main priority at the moment.  I think it was Oscar Wilde who said, “I can resist anything except temptation” – I hear ya man.

As some of my fellow booties already know through Facebook, I’ve been coming up with a reason each day as to why NOT drinking to excess is a good thing but I’m starting to think of a reason ‘for’ per every ‘against’ which is a small concern.   Plus some of my ‘drinking buddies’ seem to be getting a bit defensive over their right to sup the golden nectar – sorry I meant devil’s broth…  which I must admit is making me smile.  Am I smug at not drinking for the last 4 weeks, you betcha; am I saying no-one else can drink, not on your nelly!  Why would I do that?! I’m not giving up alcohol for life, I have far too much fun on it and the aftermath stories generally aid in my fictional writing… but why is it that people get so defensive?  As I’m pretty sure the lovely booties when trying to eat more healthily will attest; it’s the people that are closest to you that are often the worst offenders.  From past experience of giving up smoking, I think it might be your will-power to refuse that makes them somehow feel guilty?  When I told people last year that I had stopped drinking for a time and was trying to eat more healthily, people laughed and wafted drinks under my nose and kept offering me cakes.  Also when I stopped smoking, I once made the heinous mistake of trying to fan someone’s smoke away from my eyes – that person then purposely blew the smoke in my face and asked if I liked it!  Had that person not been the woman who birthed me, I would have connected my fist with her face and asked her the same thing! :0))

In short; ignore or smile at the non-believers – [in Yoda voice] your persistence shows up their weakness it does, hmm-mm…

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Week 3 2012

Week 3                                                                                                                                                 15th – 21st January 2012

Weight:    10st 7lbs

Status:     Still counting the days?  Oh dear…

Mood:      Grumpy pants

Has anyone else noticed how many people drink on TV and in films?  No?  Just me then… damn!  Everywhere I turn, someone’s pouring a nice glass of red, supping on an ice cold beer, throwing down a fiery shot… throwing up a fiery shot… come to think of it; they can have that.

I am very grumpy this week and I’m hoping it’s more to do with ”women’s things” than not drinking.  Don’t like ”women’s things”?  Me either, sounds so patronising.  How about *devil belly? Satan’s painters? Aunt Flo is visiting? Flying the red flag? Shark week?  *delete as applicable

The best news this week is that I’m back baby; back at Bootcamp and ready to take on the world!  Ok, maybe not the world… or large groups because that wouldn’t really be fair – in fact, if you could just queue up one by one and I’m sure we could talk it out…

I haven’t worked out my diet properly yet and just the same as last year, I suddenly have lost the ability to recognise when I’m hungry and keep missing meals or eating at the wrong times.  I’m not over-eating; on the contrary, I’m not eating enough.  Missing lunch or eating it late, means I don’t want a lot for dinner and so have been having lunch-esque meals in the evening, which isn’t good.  I’ve had a very unhealthy relationship with food in this respect in the past, so I need to figure out how to combat the lack of routine.

It’s probably worth pointing out that my concentration levels have been appalling the last few weeks, which I know from experience will change but I’m just waiting for…

What was I saying?

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Week 2 2012

Week 2                                                                                                                                                 8th – 14th January 2012

Weight:    10st 6lbs

Status:     Who’s asking?!

Mood:      Slightly antagonistic

Ok, so I’m grumpy. I pre-empted this little emotional gem and planned accordingly by locking myself away, with my only link to the outside world being to growl at the postman through the letter box and the modern day wonders of social media, where I could pretend I was all smiley and smashingly lovely.

My diet last week was…  well, shit, for want of a better word.  I also expected this from previous years abstaining from the sauce.  For the first week, it’s like my brain says “so you’ve stopped drinking, you must eat more crap” and I daren’t argue with the highly sophisticated machine that is my… I’m sorry, I couldn’t even finish that sentence without laughing myself!  However, I have done better than previous years; it’s fair to say that the crap that I consumed last week was in moderation and through some clever distractions (thank you Helen for employing me to help you move!) I’ve managed to keep the snacking to a minimum and keep pretty fit (did I say thanks Helen?) which has aided the loss of my first two pounds!

Also I have to thank social media once more for the Facebook pages with WOD’s, nutritional tips and supportive blogs plus general tweets of encouragement doing the rounds from my fellow booty beauties to keep my spirits up.  They’ve really needed lifting this week and as I’m now the wrong side of 30, the constant scowl is more likely to cause permanent damage.  It might have something to do with the fact that I’m currently drinking Maté tea which tastes like it’s been strained through a worn stocking and drank through a toilet roll but I seem to be struggling with this year’s challenge.  It might also be because I set myself a much tougher goal this year of making it until the end of March, which may as well be 2015 for the distance away it feels.

I’m keeping in my head the target of the Spartan race – I’d been thinking I wanted to do something of value to raise money for my godson who has hemiplegia for some time and then the challenge of Spartan presented itself.  Was it the thought of ice water, barbed wire, fire jumping and camaraderie, yeah, sure… nothing at all to do with fit men in togas…

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Week 1 2012

Week 1                                                                                                                                                 1st – 7th January 2012

Weight:    10st 8lbs

Status:     At the start of my challenge

Mood:      Knowingly apprehensive

Has it really been a year since my last detox diary?  Oh yes.  This time round I know what’s coming and perhaps as a preparation for my detox (rather like a bear in winter) I have been, errm, storing food in my own personal cave of a stomach over the festive season and have put on a nice round 4 pounds to see me through my barren months of no alcohol and no crap.  However, it might be an honest time to admit that the no crap part only really kicks in for me at week two, as I’m aware from previous years of alcohol-dodging that my sweet tooth gets as large as a Great White’s but even more vicious if you try and hide the sugar…

My circumstances have changed drastically since last year and I find myself unable to attend the first Bootcamp session which has really knocked me.  I’d go into details of all the changes but fear I would bore the pants off you and from a health and safety perspective of possible drowning; we can’t have you nodding off over your home-made soup.  It’s been a tough year and even my, normally outwardly sunny, disposition has been tested to the limit but as ever, Charlie Wall (guru, ass-kicker and more importantly, now a good friend) has been a brick.  Brick Wall… see what I did there? [cue tumbleweed]

From a fitness point of view Cambridge Bootcamps has proven what I knew on my very first session; that it would be the first disciplined exercise regime that I was involved in to motivate, inspire and ultimately, work for me.  After gaining a large amount of weight over a short space of time and subsequently being diagnosed with an under-active thyroid 7 years ago, I was told by the ‘support’ group that losing weight would be like trying to walk up a hill with a piano tied to my back… I know right? Not exactly supportive!  I desperately tried fad diets, exercise classes and the gym and I confess, I was starting to get the feeling that they might be right, until I started surfing (not actual surfing; at the time I would have looked like the prime shark bait of a solid sea lion in a wet suit).  I came across Charlie’s website and I think it’s fair to say, that my smile started there.  Due to my thyroid or man gland as I like to call it (it’s lazy and f**ks with my hormones) it took longer than most, but finally in 2011 I dropped a dress size!   I’d noticed, along with most of my friends and family that my body shape was slowly returning to a recognisable hour-glass and not the sort of wobbly jelly mould it had become but to actually be able to buy a size smaller has knocked all the other negatives of the year out of the park and left me with a rather ridiculous grin.

Starting a new year I’m now hopeful of what I can accomplish in the realms of fitness, but I admit I am a little worried with not being able to attend a regular Bootcamp and have Charlie make sure I’m not slacking!  With that in mind, I’m thinking of sewing up my mouth to stop me snacking.  Fortunately for my vanity, I’ve been given a reprieve in the form of helping someone move, so I don’t have an all access pass to the local supermarket nibbles, plus all those dead lifts of heavy books could rival a burpee!  I will conquer…

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