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Week 6 2011

Week 6                                                                                                                                                 5th – 11th February 2011

Weight:    10st 7lbs

Status:     Yey!  It’s the final week

Mood:      Smug.  Who said I couldn’t do it?!

It started off as a horrible week but ended on a great note.  I had to miss Bootcamp again on Tuesday for more tests, prodding, poking and well, groping until eventually the doctors told me to get off and asked me to leave (two drum taps and a high hat – I thank you!)  Joking aside, I started Bootcamp last year under exactly the same cloud and recognise that I’ve now come full circle.  Luckily, all my tests came back negative and after spending a lot of time this year with brave women who haven’t had such positive news; I realise just how lucky I am.

Charlie has been top draw for me this last year, my Sergeant Major to give me a much needed kick up the ass, the provider of well needed hugs and a keen texter to check on me and see if I’m ok – thanks Charlie  :0) x

It’s been an interesting six weeks that has made me appreciate that all those times in the past that I’ve said “I can’t do it” (and there has been quite a few of those…) I’ve just been hiding.  I have a holiday coming up now and I’ve been apprehensive that I would undo all the good work I’ve done but I suddenly feel incredibly brave and I reckon I’ve got this whole control thing well under… well, control  :0)  My sobriety is at an end, yet I haven’t felt the need to drink like my usual Olly Reed self; in fact, I’ve hardly touched a drop.  Now that I can, I’m actually not sure that I want to…  My fridge is full of healthy food and I haven’t needed to devour a cupcake in under 2 seconds (it’s a skill).  I no longer pass the donut section of my local supermarket with scary visuals that I’ll dive right on to the shelf and start throwing them into my face like the Cookie Monster and Gollum had a love child and I even found myself really salivating, or should I say ‘getting fruity’ over an apple last night.  Things have definitely changed!

Seeing as I am my own worst enemy, I’ll be having some stern words with myself over the next few weeks (in private obviously, so they don’t lock me up), to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow; but I’m not worried.  Yes, my finger is usually hovering dangerously close to the self destruct button but right now it’s too busy peeling an orange and after that I suspect it will be well utilised making rude gestures towards the Danish (that’s pastries not people!) in Tesco’s :0)  Bring it on!

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Week 5 2011

Week 5                                                                                                                                 29th January – 4th February 2011

Weight:    10st 7lbs

Status:     Almost there!

Mood:      Seriously??  Come on!

First and foremost, I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost and so quickly.  That never happens.  I have literally been losing a pound a week and I can feel it in my clothes and my general fitness.

It’s been a long couple of weeks and my resolve has been tested to the limit but I’m still not drinking, I’m still not eating crap and I’m still standing.  I had my first hospital visit this week which hasn’t been pleasant and it also meant that I missed Bootcamp which actually really pissed me off!  Possibly not the right positive state of mind needed but I do love my Bootcamp…  If my friends would have heard me say that a year ago, I would have been carting them off to the hospital from the hernia’s they got from strenuous laughing…

Bootcamp has made me a changed woman.  I may not have lost the 2 stone I was hoping for after just one session (I like to keep it real…) but I’ve changed shape – scrap that; I found my shape again, under all that excess baggage – I knew it was in there somewhere…  I find I have a focus and a purpose that I could never find in a gym.  Maybe it was the overwhelming whiff of testosterone or the over abundance of lycra and subsequent camel’s hooves that had me reaching for the sick bag… (and then a pack of chocolate digestives), but I never found the motivation from a lack of self belief that I belonged alongside the uber fit.  That feeling that you’re being watched and tutted at as you fail to master the cross trainer, pick the wrong fast setting and hang on for dear life like a cowboy in a rodeo.  What I notice now is that I could have written a whole book on the excuses I came up with to miss the gym but I’m now pissed off when I’m forced to miss one Bootcamp – interesting!

Bootcamp today with Alan has set me in good stead for a weekend of abstinence.  Mainly because my thighs hurt so badly, I can’t walk to the kitchen and get anything to eat or drink…  Those magical ‘active rests’ (if ever there was an oxymoron!) have ensured that by Monday, I’ll be looking like an emaciated Kate Moss!

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